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Flip on Your Circuit


Introducing The Circuit Sales System


Live launching is chaotic, stressful, and downright risky. (Gambling your revenue on a few random weeks a year??) But evergreen … well, evergreen just doesn’t convert.

So what’s the answer? A proven system that combines the best of both—with none of the worst—and all of it automated, so you see sales coming in every day.

Let's Face It:

The digital marketing industry can be an echo chamber of bad advice. There are lots of people passing around “you’ve got to try this!!!” tactics … that have never actually worked for them. 

And sure, live launching might work for the big business coaching gurus, but just because people are willing to wait months for their launches doesn’t mean they’ll wait for yours. Guess what happens when someone finds you and your solution to their problem, but then they have to wait to get that solution? They don’t wait … they buy from your competition.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. You can make sales every single day. It can still be exciting for your subscribers. You can give them what they want when they want it. You can use proven tactics to encourage them to buy … and you can do it all on autopilot.


This System Increased My Revenue 40 Times Over.

What Could it Do for Yours?


In 2018, after six years in business selling my professional copywriting training course, I made … just a little over $40,000.

And in 2020 … I made a little over $1.6 million dollars.

What happened? I finally stopped chasing all of the tactics that clearly weren’t working and leaned in on what I knew. I dialed in on what I knew worked, I took a totally different approach to my messaging than anything I’d seen before, and, most importantly, focused on tactics that put my AUDIENCE’S needs and wants first.

I created a system that sells every day for me, without me having to lift a finger. And, yes, you can make that happen for your business, too.

(And we haven't stopped there: We're currently a multi-7-figure per year business—and growing!)

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Serve More Customers, Power More Sales, and Have a Greater Impact

The Circuit Sales System doesn't just power my business. It's powering the businesses of course creators & group coaches across industries.


"Last year, my highest grossing month was just barely $40,000 doing all kinds of work. And now, this past month, I made over $70,000 with it feels like less than half the work.


Natali Edmonds

Board-certified Geropsychologist and founder of Dementia Careblazers

"I [turned on my Circuit] April 24th. To this day [July 14], it’s already generated $55,000without ads and without any promotion. I didn’t even put my email list on it. This is 100% organic."


Kendra Perry

Online Business Strategist for Health and Wellness Coaches

"We combined [CSS] with our live launches and ... our sales this year are up by 50%. We're basically in third year and we are actually hoping to have a multiple 7-figure year."


Carina Gardner

Professional Designer and Creator of Ink Club and the Design Suite Mastermind

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What would it mean to your business—and your life!—to make sales every single day, on autopilot? To give your time and energy to the people who’ve paid you, not the people who may never pay you? And to make purchasing your offer exciting for your customers, but so easy for you that you can literally make sales while you nap?

You owe it to yourself to find out.


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