Stop Wasting Time on Tactics That Don’t Work

Start Making Sales Every Day—Automatically

Why did you get into business? Was it to:
  •  Constantly host challenges—for people who haven’t paid anything to work with you
  • Reply to dozens of comments from prospective customers in free Facebook groups
  • Work 80 hours/week before a launch

Yeah, me either. But, I tried all those things (and then some). 

At the end of 2018, I finally let go of the “everybody-is-doing-it!” tactics. (Many of which, by the way, the digital gurus haven’t even used themselves! Just because people are talking about it doesn’t mean it’s working.)

Instead, I leaned into what I knew (messaging and consumer behavior) and what I’d learned (systems!) to create a solution of my own.

And that system has reminded me of why I did get into business:
  • To create amazing, valuable offers for my audiences

  • To give my very best to the people who invest in my programs

  • To work alongside other smart, savvy, strategic entrepreneurs

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Nicki is the go-to authority for automated selling. The truth is that launching just isn’t sustainable and if you really want to have a successful business, you need to be able to sell every day. Nicki provides an in-depth (but easy-to-follow) system to actually make that happen. I can’t think of a business that wouldn’t get tremendous benefits from learning from her.

STACY TUSCHL   |   Multi-Seven Figure Business Coach and Systems Expert

“Oh my gosh. I would pay five times. I would pay so much money for this program because what it's given me is something that I'm going to carry for the rest of the life of my business. Truly, I can't even begin to express how much this program has helped me just really identify with my offer and my messaging, it is truly incredible. I have never—and I've done a lot of programs—I have never done a program that is as concise, as in depth, and it's just a powerful, powerful program… 

Do it. Don't even think, just do it because the level of expertise that Nikki has is unparalleled, and what she teaches you in this program is phenomenal. It will change your business just in how you learn about your offer, how you create it, how you put it out there for your audience. These are skills that I'm going to carry with me, like I said, for the rest of my life. This is incredible.” 

RACHEL PERRY   |   Direct Sales Expert and Business Coach

Hi, I’m Nicki and I am, quite frankly, a lazy entrepreneur.

OK, not
actually lazy. It’s more that when other digital business owners talk about their free Facebook groups and challenges and putting in 80 hours before a launch … I … quietly … exit …

So I created a sales system of my own. One that let it all be *easier*.

I didn’t make my money and build my company by selling a course about how to sell courses. I have been a professional copywriter for 20 years and a digital business owner for over a decade. I have a multi-seven-figure course that teaches people to become professional copywriters and a course that teaches people to become freelancers.

And I developed a system to sell those courses. The Circuit Sales System is that system—and now I’m going to teach you to make it work for you, too.


What Would 40 Times Your Current Revenue Mean for You?

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