CSS Affiliate Program Information

Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program! The purpose of this program is to help build the Circuit Sales System student base by leveraging the insight and savvy of the people who know the CCS best (you!) and to reward you for any resulting purchases.

Here’s how it works:

Short version:

  1. You send people to a special link on your site.
  2. People click on the link and sign up for a video training.
  3. If they make a purchase, you earn money—30% of that purchase!

More detailed version:

  1. Someone comes to your site or hears about the CCS from you and signs up to watch our “How to Sell (and Scale!) Your Course or Program on Autopilot, Every Single Day” video training through a special link you’ll get. (That link allows our affiliate software to automatically track that person’s actions.)
  2. They watch the video, which gives some key insights about selling a course or program without live launching, and also introduces them to the CSS and gives them their first opportunity to join. (They’ll also have a few other opportunities after that.)
  3. If someone who signed up to watch the video through your link makes a purchase at any point within 30 days from clicking that link, you’ll get 30% of that purchase—which is between $798 and $1,998 per membership purchase (depending on when they sign up and if they opt for a payment installment plan). 

There is no limit to how many people can sign up through your link and no limit to how much you can earn!


  1. A website to send traffic to and to host a page with your unique link. You do not, necessarily, need to have a link to that page on your site navigation.
  2. A page on your site with your review of the course. The title of this page should be “Circuit Sales System Review” or something similar. Your affiliate link should be on this page. 

What We’ll Provide You With:

  • Your dedicated URL for the video training (Labelled as “Free Video Training” – this should be the main link you promote!)
  • Dedicated URLs to the Circuit Sales System site and other key pages. Use the “Circuit Sales System Home Page” link if you are referring to the site and you can use the other two links as supplemental information. (Do not direct people to links other than these—they need to click these special links in order for you to get credit for sales!)

What We Can Provide You With if You Want Them:

  • The CSS logo (you do not have to use it)
  • Nicki’s headshot (you do not have to use it)
  • Access to Nicki for an interview about copywriting and about the CSS (print, audio, or video) 

How to Find People to Purchase Through Your Link:

You’re welcome to take a more laidback approach to your affiliate program and just send people to your page when they ask about it.

However, if you’d like to maximize your affiliate experience (and affiliate income!), there are a lot of great resources out there for how to build your affiliate program. We’ll send through a few especially good ones after you join the affiliate program.  


You cannot make any income guarantees, and you cannot make any guarantees at all on behalf of Nicki Krawczyk, or the Circuit Sales System.

Do not put the cost of the CSS on your review page, since depending on what payment plan and when they purchase, the cost varies. 

You need to have an affiliate disclosure statement to clearly disclose that your link is an affiliate link. This statement needs to be easily visible when your site visitor sees your affiliate link. (So, on the same page and not in a super-tiny size.) You can use something like this: This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Here’s a bit more information and some other disclosure examples: https://justinegrey.com/affiliate-disclosure/

We reserve the right to remove affiliates if we review your site and deem it “spammy.” Additionally, any content that is behind the login screen cannot be shared without written consent. You can email us at [email protected] to learn more. 

We reserve the right to deactivate your affiliate account and deny commissions earned if we determine you have been misusing your affiliate link in any way or promoting the Circuit Sales System in a false or misleading way.

We may not do it, but we do reserve the right to delete your affiliate account if your link has been inactive for more than six months (no clicks) or if you have not referred any sales within your first year as an affiliate.

Any referrals MUST come through your affiliate link; we do not accept “email referrals” (“Hey, I referred so-and-so; please give me a commission.”) If your referrals do not click on your affiliate link, you will not receive a commission.

We will not pay out affiliate payments for installment payments we do not receive. For example, if a student defaults on a payment plan (perhaps their credit card was declined over multiple attempts and will not return our communications) and we do not receive a payment, we will not pay out affiliate fees for the student payments that were not made.


All payouts are “pending” for the first 30 days to accommodate our 30-day conditional guarantee. After that, all payouts will be processed on the 28th of each month and will be paid out via PayPal. 


If you’d like to be part of this program, you can visit this link to create your affiliate account. (Please note, by creating an affiliate account you indicate that you agree with all stipulations on this page!)

You can apply to create your account here:


Once your account is approved, you’ll get an email from our affiliate manager software with your password and login URL. When you log in to the dashboard, you’ll be able to track all of your stats or click on the “media” section to get your unique affiliate links.

*Please note, you need to have your review page (or pages) up on your site within 30 days of signing up for the program and submit it to [email protected]. We recommend that you do it as soon as possible!*